It’s an interesting concept – reaching out, isn’t it?

When we’re starting out or taking ourselves out of our comfort zone, or skillset, we often feel vulnerable, deskilled, lack confidence and can even feel threatened by others who know more than us, or whom we perceive know more than us.

Instead of feeling threatened, we could change our mindset to being open about us having our ‘L’ plate on! Being open to listening to others, learning from others’ mistakes can help us progress much quicker than they did!

If we look at most successful people, they all asked for help along the way, found those who were successful at what they do and learned from them, learning from the best will leap-frog us forward much quicker.

Often, we are afraid to ask for help! Why is this? Do we feel it’s a sign of weakness? This is a perception, not a reality. Changing our mindset can change how we feel and change how we progress. It’s really empowering reaching out for help, advice, guidance and support. Those of whom we ask are usually thrilled at being asked and willing to give us their pearls of wisdom.

Consider listening to others, hearing what they say, heading their advice and acting on their suggestions. Start to enjoy the feeling of asking and feeling comfortable with seeking help. Focusing on what we will gain by doing so will enable this to feel easier and less threatening.

Imagine how we would feel if someone asked us, and then imagine how they feel when we ask others for help. Remember, one day you will be the person that others ask help and advice from and you will be able to pay it forward and help others! Imagine the satisfaction in that?

Next time you are struggling, feeling demotivated or disillusioned, consider reaching out to someone rather than trying to put a brave face on to work through your situation. You might be pleasantly surprised how empowering and worthwhile it can be. Once you’ve made the first move in doing this, you will find it much easier a second and third time.