AvoidING distractions and staying focused 

To enable us to achieve our goals we must ensure we remain focused and avoid those dreaded distractions that take us away from the main areas which drive our business forward. This could be emails, Facebook or one of the social media platforms, telephone calls, interruptions, etc. Working out what is important to achieve at the beginning of every day is time well spent as well as reflecting on how well we did at the end of every day.

Planning, reviewing and adjusting 

As long as we are planning what we are doing we are on the right track. However, we must also review what we are doing regularly and adjust accordingly. We must remember that any plans or goals we have must be flexible enough to fit in with those changes that occur within our business to enable us to change direction. Having time allocated regularly to adjust our plans and review them is important, ideally, this should be quarterly and should be diarised to ensure we keep on track.


We have all heard of the keep it simple rule, but how often do we overcomplicate things, analyse everything to the point of not achieving. Often, we want everything to be perfect and in doing so never complete anything. We need to be a finisher, a completer if we are to succeed. We are not perfect, we must remind ourselves that we are good enough, and as long as we are relatively happy with what we have produced then that is good enough to use. Ensuring we have plans with deadlines can help us complete what we need to.

Be kind to ourselves 

How often do we overly criticise ourselves? We can be so accommodating of others, praise what others do, but seem only to focus on what we didn’t do or didn’t do very well rather than our achievement! Why is this? We need to give ourselves a reward when we have achieved what we set out to do each day, week or month, whatever works for you. In doing so you can have that emotional benefit that feeds our soul!