You may have heard of the ‘dreamsquote’ on the 7 Rules of Life where it suggests working through making peace with our past, not focusing on what others think of us, time heals everything, not comparing our life to others, not to think too much, we are in charge of our happiness, and lastly to smile. The trouble with quotes such as these is that for most people ‘getting’ started is the problem, the intention is there but invariably the majority will procrastinate and make excuses for not getting things done in their lives.

As the saying goes “you can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one” – so let’s look at why you might do this.

Perhaps you weren’t satisfied with how the last chapter went, and so by re-reading it you perhaps think the ending will be different! Well, it won’t, it will re-read just the same as before. This is often referred to as being stuck. Stuck in the mud, stuck in a rut. Either way, it’s not being able to move on with your life for some reason.

So, once you’ve worked out what’s stopping you, what you’re avoiding, and what you are afraid of, you can focus on moving forward with your life.
We can often follow the same principle of wanting to get fit. The intention is there, we make a New Year Resolution, or a goal and decide to join the gym. But what invariably happens is we don’t use it and see the money coming out of our bank account monthly and beat ourselves up because we’ve ‘wasted’ that money.

Have you worked out what the gap is? GETTING STARTED.

Just getting started is the hard bit, no matter what the goal or the intention is. So how do we get over this momentous hurdle? How do we climb this massive mountain?
We MUST find out what’s stopping us. And to do this we must really focus on our past procrastination or past unfulfilled goals to identify exactly where the common denominators are, and there will be.