• What is the vision you hold for yourself?

  • What is the vision you hold for your new role, project, challenge or business?

Visioning is about creating ideas and images to help us picture how things might be or could be if only we…

Vision Boards are a great way to do this. Finding images and pictures either on the internet or cutting them from magazines and putting these on a board that’s easily on view every day so we can constantly see what it and see where we want to be.

Vision Boards help us ‘feel’ what it might be like. Whilst we look at the images on our vision board, we can imagine we are already there, enjoying ‘success’ seeing the destination as having arrived already; seeing the goal as having been achieved.

We often falter when we start doubting ourselves, feeling we can’t have what we want and get to where we want to. A Vision Board brings us back, mentally and emotionally, giving us the ability to push us into the future. The future we hold for ourselves.

But first we need to know what the picture is going to look like. For some, this may be easy, with clear goals no matter how hairy-audacious, whilst for others the future is fuzzy, unclear and uncertain in their minds. When this is the case, we can create more than one Vision Board. This provides us with visual choices of different ideas and options enabling us to get a get a feel what it might be like should that be our future.

Vision Boards can be for anything, it might be planning a holiday, a wedding, setting up a business, rebranding a business, developing a logo or brand for the business. Whatever it is, being creative and using pictures helps inspire our imagination and thoughts to get in the ‘zone’.

When you sit and wonder what the vision is you hold for yourself whatever it is, or what the vision is you hold for your new role, challenge or business, perhaps you could take some time out to create your own vision using a vision board!