My name is Carla, I am based in Otorohanga, happily married for 14 years with 3 gorgeous children. My own ‘journey’ started in about June 2019 when I realised that I felt like I’d ‘lost myself’ amongst the craziness of the last 4-5 years while starting our family and taking over my business. As mothers, we put everything into raising our children (it really never stops – it’s a 24/7 gig), and put everyone before ourselves which means we end up coming last.

Although I didn’t feel like I had any real issues/problems in my life, I felt a bit flat, had no real direction…. I needed to find out what I really wanted in my life etc. So I started with a Colour Therapist where I realised I had an issue with self-confidence and my journey started from there where I started working mainly on my mindset with my own Life Coach. I began to rediscover myself… Cass who has also completed the NZIBS Diploma in Life Coaching is absolutely AMAZING helping me throughout my journey. I learnt so much from her, from finding balance in my life, work on my self-confidence, set some goals plus the biggest things for me was recognising and dealing with my limiting beliefs, challenging my mindset around how these had changed my life.

Then along came COVID-19…. 2020 was such a strange year and affected everyone in a different way…. For the past 14 years I have been a Travel Agent and the last 7 years of this owned my own Travel Agency and I also specialised in South Pacific Weddings (which is actually how I met my Life Coach). In 2020 and as a direct result of COVID-19, I faced some VERY hard decisions including having to make my staff redundant and put my Travel Agency into hibernation. 10 months on because of the ongoing effects of COVID around the world, I have since closed the doors for good…

HOWEVER, this led me on a different path and I took some time to reassess my life and direction and I believe that things do happen for a reason… I have no idea where my head would have been if I hadn’t already worked on my mindset prior to COVID with Cass. In mid-2020 I did an online Comeback Challenge with Tony Robbins. There were a lot of good messages I took from this – the main one being that a breakthrough often comes from a breakdown… which sure rung true to me last year. For me not a mental breakdown (well quite easily could have been I guess), but business breakdown. This helped me decide to make a ‘pivot’ and head down a different path.

Through the time I spent with Cass, she helped me to be more positive about a change in my work situation, turn this around and inspired me to become a Life Coach myself.  Also prior to COVID I organised a “Reinvent Yourself – Wellness Weekend” which was cancelled twice in 2020 due to the 2 x COVID lockdowns, but we are about to get this back on track for June 2021 and I am looking forward to working alongside Cass who is also my main speaker at this weekend.

In November 2020 I completed my Diploma in Life Coaching and launched my new business at our local annual ‘Love and Labour Event’ where I spoke on the local business women panel. Please like and follow my new Facebook and Instagram pages (a work in progress) where via weekly Facebook Live I am introducing myself, telling you about my journey and sharing some inspiration with you. And of course I would also love the opportunity to Coach you xxx


Graduate of the Life Coaching course.

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