• Do you struggle to keep motivated?
  • Do you envy others who appear constantly motivated when you can’t?
  • Is keeping motivated draining you?

It is hard to try and keep our spirits up and remain motivated. We often compare ourselves to others and feel they are doing better than us which can be a de-motivator!

There are various self-help books, inspirational writings we can call upon to inspire us to keep going and feel positive, however, sometimes having steps we can use to constantly remind us what to do for when we really need them.

Below are some steps you might find helpful:

Our Goals

We need to keep our goals to hand so we can remind ourselves of where we are going and why. When we write goals if we also write down details of why we set them, what we will feel when we achieve them and how we felt before we set them, this can help motivate us to focus on our main aim.

Measuring Progress

Because we just try to keep going, we don’t take stock of seeing if we’re on track. Setting measurable tasks or steps when we set goals to help us to do this, but more importantly, we need reminders to tell us to check on our progress and to give ourselves the recognition, acknowledgement, and reward for a job well done (just like we would do of others!).

Breaking this down

To enable us to tackle large goals it’s important for us to break them down into smaller sections that are manageable and realistic. Whilst we know we should do this we don’t often spend sufficient time on this aspect, and then when it’s most needed we feel we’ve run out of energy and it all gets too hard…

Taking breaks

Sound simple really, and we hear this constantly from so many sources, but we need to be strict with ourselves and ensure we follow the advice we give others. Trying to break away from a big job when we are ‘in the zone’ is so hard, but finding ways to get us to walk away from the laptop or desk is imperative – alarms are great for this bit!

Watch or read something – finding a distraction that is light-hearted, motivational or humorous can be just the tonic we need to re-energise ourselves.

Having a ‘go to’ list of inspirational statements, or motivational videos are great for this i.e. TEDX talks, etc.