NZIBS tutor and author Janice Marriott has been awarded the 2018 Margaret Mahy Medal. Janice has been a valuable member of our team for decades and is currently tutoring our the Writing Stories for Children and the Poetry courses.

Storylines Trust chair Dr Libby Limbrick said, “Storylines is pleased to honour Janice Mariott’s career and contribution over nearly three decades. The range of her writing, editing and mentoring skills across children’s fiction and non-fiction is truly exceptional. She is also widely known in New Zealand schools forKiwi Kidsongs, the former Learning Media’s acclaimed teachers’resource of hundreds of original children’s songs chosen and produced by her as audio books.”

Janice will be given the award on 8th April at the University of Auckland Epsom Campus. Further details can be found here.

Janice says, “I love the enthusiasm, humour, and energy of children and try to reflect that in both my writing style and content. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a child giggling over a story you have written or seeing a child engrossed by the drama unfolding on the page.”

One of her most acclaimed book is Crossroads which won the “Aim Children’s Book of the Year Award” and Thor’s Tale has been serialised twice on the childrens story hour of National Radio, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Besides writing stories and regular columns for magazines, plays for radio, and documentaries, Janice has written scores of informative and educational stories for children of all ages.

In addition to being an accomplished author, Janice is an excellent mentor and tutor. NZIBS graduate, Agnes says “I enjoyed working with my tutor Janice Marriott. I looked forward to receiving my tutorials back from Janice, it was like opening a birthday present or a Christmas gift. I enjoyed all the encouragement, tips and corrections, they were invaluable. She showed me how to put my imagination into stories.”