There is an anonymous quote which you may have seen “It’s not what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you think you are not.”

How true these words are! Focus on what they really mean and think about how they make you feel. How can we move from self-doubt to self-worth? There are some strategies that you can use which you might find helpful:

  1. Remembering you are not the only person to feel the way you do, and sometimes sharing this with others will prove that we are not alone in our thinking, and it is more common than we think
  2. Stop focusing on being concerned about what others may think of you or about you, we often worry about things that haven’t happened, aren’t likely to happen or may never happen
  3. Start focusing on the positives, think about setting goals and creating actions, remembering to ensure these are SMART goals
  4. Avoid negative people and surround yourself with happy and positive people who inspire and motivate you and increase your self-esteem
  5. Consider starting a daily journal where you can list those great things that happened during the day, and if they didn’t then re-write them with the ending you would have wanted
  6. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and we know that some of us shy away from talking to others, but it can be extremely therapeutic and helpful to receive feedback from others, as it helps us put things into perspective
  7. Doubts are our enemy and our worth our ally; who do you want on your team and to fight your corner, because if you don’t who will?

We can all move from self-doubt to self-worth. It is only us that is stopping, preventing or hindering us, no-one else. We should only care about us, and what we want to achieve and not care too much about what others think or believe in what they say about us, it’s their opinion, not ours.

Remember the choice is yours and yours alone, what is your choice going to be?