“Did you know that only 1 in 1,000 sea turtle hatchlings will survive to adulthood”? Despite this fact the turtles carry on against all these odds just to get to the sea. They only look forward, and don’t look back, waiver or have second thoughts. They don’t ask themselves if they are doing the right thing or doubt themselves for an instance. They don’t let any negativity penetrate their soft shells, they just go for it and do it!

Do you think the baby sea turtles know this fact? No!

Let’s use the analogy of the baby sea turtles to see how we might learn something from the story of the baby sea turtles’ journey to the sea.

The sea turtle can’t see the sea nor his destination, but he makes his way across the beach and into the big ocean as quickly as he can knowing that his baby steps will help him reach his goal. He may realise the seagulls are predators and could kill him, but he keeps his eyes focused on the goal of reaching the sea, not looking up once, putting one foot quickly in front of the other without stopping.

Imagine ourselves in this situation drawing analogies from this story to aid goal setting. Let’s break this down into steps:

  1. Start with positive talk and no negative thinking. How can we go forward if we always worry about failing?
  2. What is the goal? Imagine your goal visually. Consider drawing how you see this.
  3. Think about the major steps, visualising this is a picture.
  4. After each step is completed, make a big deal of it, highlight it to reward yourself for your achievement. Each completed step and achieved action is a step nearer to your goal.

How does the song go? “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”!