“Yeah, Nah” means “Go, Stay” or “Up, Down”.

What are the unthinking people doing to our language? When experts in their field are interviewed on radio or TV the objective is to give me – the listener – useful information.

For example:

Q: Will the weather be fine for the match?”

A: “No, it’ll be good.”

Alright, Mr Expert. Which answer do I believe? “No”? Or “It’ll be good”?

“Yes, it’ll be good” is the correct response.

I’ve come to expect confused responses from the “Yeah, Nah” crowd. They don’t have the vocabulary to convey a simple, clear message.

But we shouldn’t have to second guess the answer when educated people botch their language.

Many years ago my public speaking mentor in Toastmasters taught me the best way I know to avoid mouthing “Ummm” and “Ahhh” when I speak.

Let me share.

When there is need for a breath pause, or while you think of your answer, TAKE IN A DEEP BREATH. This is a silent vocal mechanism.

So simple. All it takes is remembering to do it.

Thus the speaker can remove “Ummm” and “aye-yaah” and “weyaah”, which cleans up our spoken responses in one stroke.

My thought for today. Try it.

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