“Don’t wait to find your voice…write whatever inspires you.” So says Elizabeth M Price, NZIBS graduate and author of ‘Choices’ her first novel.

“Growing up on a sink housing estate in the north of England, and having little schooling, my head was filled with stories. Sadly it was also filled with the certainty that writing them down was beyond my ability.

The great thing about the NZIBS Creative Writing Course was not being made to feel foolish for trying. Joan Rosier Jones (my allocated tutor and mentor) was more interested in helping me find my ‘voice’ than worry about my less than perfect grammar and my crude style. With the advice ‘Write what you like to read’ ringing in my ears and raunchy characters ringing in my head, it seemed only natural to turn to the genre of ‘hot’ romance. Another NZIBS Course mentor Lindy Kelly (Writing Your First Novel) nurtured me through the whole process of turning Earth and Robin’s story into a working manuscript.

Thankfully, a few years down the line options to be published are greater than they have ever been. Many writers are enjoying great success by choosing to self-publish but I chose Austin Macauley, a traditional publisher who offer partnership deals to first-time authors. From submission to publication they provided an excellent service. Pride in the result (my steamy romp ‘Choices’) is second only to the birth of my children.

As a lifelong romance reader and now a romance writer I’ve found great pleasure in not just promoting my book but promoting romantic fiction in general. The ladies of my ‘Strictly Romance’ reading group can attest. With tongue firmly in cheek, the invitation went out.

If you are not embarrassed to admit you enjoy reading a raunchy romance, you might be interested in a new reading group I am hoping to set up. From Jane Austen to E. L. James from Charlotte Bronte to Barbara Cartland, nothing will be deemed out of bounds. Please note the bedroom door will be well and truly breached.

I’m not sure my message was absolutely clear (my apology to Alfonso who I discovered was expecting an altogether different group). But that aside, a great bunch of prolific readers turned up, some of who had never picked up a romance novel in their lives…Mission accomplished. Why romance, because of its pure escapism, it’s uplifting and its fun…Recreation at its best.”

 Elizabeth Maria Price

Born in Blackpool (UK) Elizabeth gave up her day job in 2005 to work and travel with her husband Andrew. They now divide their time between New Zealand Cyprus and the UK. Writing has become an important part of her nomadic lifestyle.

‘Choices’ is her first novel in a series of three unrelated stories exploring modern dilemmas, and gritty themes.

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