She didn’t see the sunrise lighting up the scene;
   she was busy watching pictures on her iPad tiny screen.
She didn’t see the lovely views, the trees, the grass, the flowers;
   she was editing her Facebook page, doing it for hours.
She did not see me wave to her or hear my cheery greeting;
   she had a ton of tweets to read, and then do some re-tweeting.
She was tapping on her tablet in a thoughtful kind of way;
   and did not see the children coming out to play.
She didn’t see the daffodils, the poet’s inspiration;
   she was messaging and texting, head bent in concentration.
She was talking on her iPhone, some grave matter on her mind;
   she didn’t see the train, so she was mown down from behind.

By Mary Hodges. Shared by Brian Morris. Reproduced for educational purposes.