If you were asked what gives you joy, would you be able to answer instantly?

If you were then asked do you DO what gives you joy, would you answer yes or no?

We are all busy people and work hard at whatever we do, and for the most part, hopefully, we also enjoy what we do. However, enjoying what we do isn’t necessarily what gives us joy. Usually, the work we do and love or enjoy is also our income generator, whether it’s our own business or a paid job.

If we don’t know what gives us joy, then how do we know what to do when we do have time to experience joy? Do we take the time out to do what gives us joy? We might aim to for example, at the weekends or holidays. However, with modern technology, we often hear people are still ‘working’ whilst they are on vacation!

How do we ‘take time out’ have a breather, and totally switch off?? If we can’t take a break without feeling we have to work or be in contact with our peers for fear of losing work or money or both or losing an opportunity for a new contract or job, then how are we ever going to do what gives us joy.

Some believe that there are two parts to this, one is that there is an expectation now everyone should be contactable 24/7 wherever we are, and this generates a need to keep on top of things all the time. The other is that it’s a discipline, we can turn the phone off or the laptop off and feel good that our business or job is in safe hands. If we have a good team around us whom we trust to do the job just as good as us, then we can take that time out.

We should challenge ourselves to consider what it is that might bring us joy and when we know what that is, question ourselves about how often we should reward ourselves to experience that joy so we can DO what gives you joy. There’s a saying ‘you’re a long time dead’ and it’s true. We are here for such a short time that we need to make it work now.

Remember the past has gone, the future has yet to come but the only thing we can do something with is the present.

Do what gives you joy!