Before we can look at determining our inner resource, we need to understand what and where our inner resource is. The definition of inner resource is a resource provided by the mind our personal capabilities i.e. to have an inner resource against low self-esteem or lack of self-motivation or self-confidence. A source of potential support may be drawn upon when we most need it.

Our inner resource needs to work with us, benefit us, provide us with a positive focus, clarity of direction. We need to understand ourselves first, i.e. are we are own worst enemy, our own worst critic, an enemy to ourselves? Or are we wise and clever enough to see that drawing from our inner strength will help us and work with us rather than against us.

We need to be our best friend, true to ourselves.

How we might start determining our inner resource.

1. Who are you deep down when you are being truly honest with yourself?

Taking ‘time-out’ to consider who you really are; this can be hard as we don’t want to appear boastful or arrogant, but we must dig deep to consider what are our inner strengths which we’ve drawn upon in the past which has helped and supported us when we’ve most needed it

2. What has caused this positive source of support to diminish or evaporate?

Considering what caused this inner strength to dissipate the way it has; trying to trackback what might have caused it; this may have been an event or become a habit due to taking a new path in life causing lack of confidence; drawing upon the source can help to ‘bring us back’ to focusing on helping ourselves more going forward

3. Is your inner message the truth or an untruth?

Often we believe things of ourselves to be true, but this isn’t always the case; often we’ve slowly change our way of thinking to a different level believing where we’re at now is our truth; being honest with yourself to determine what is your real truth to help you listen to your inner critic more positively

4. Can you be different if you believe in your inner sage?

Think about how different life would be if you chose to listen to your inner positive messages, creating your own encouraging self-belief, before things started to become more critical; focusing on how great things would be if you only told yourself what you might tell others, and perhaps what you might have told others!