I’m sure we’ve all stuck our noses into someone else’s business when we shouldn’t have, and perhaps some for the right reasons and some for the wrong reasons. Often, we can poke our noses into someone else’s business literally to see what they’re doing. See how this compares to us. Are we falling behind or are we ahead?

There’s a saying that goes, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. From where we stand things can look great with other people however, we don’t really have a full understanding of the details, we just make assumptions and these assumptions form our perceptions of another person’s success or perceived success.

We then feel we should do as good as or better than ‘them’! How about we mind our own business? Concentrate on what we’re doing, look straight ahead, being mindful of any obstacles we may need to overcome? If we concentrated on our business, perhaps others will look at us wondering what we are doing and how we are doing, them comparing us, rather than it being the other way around!

It’s a mindset! A discipline for us to keep in our lane, stick to our knitting, focus on what we are doing and not what someone else doing. If we are spending time focusing on someone else’s business then our focus, time and energy is taken away from our own business.

We wouldn’t do this whilst we’re driving a car would we? We concentrate on the driving, the road, the surroundings to keep us ‘safe’ to ensure we reach our destination safely.

This is not a matter of keeping up with the Jones’ – that’s just a myth not reality!

All this comes down to is confidence in ourselves and our self-belief. If we feel comfortable in our own skin, and confident in our own abilities and capabilities then we would have no need to pay any attention to anyone else to compare and contrast – it’s not a race!

We need to work on our business and our goals only focusing on us and where we are going. We need to make an effort to build up our own confidence and stand our ground, being sure of ourselves and what we are doing.