If greatness is your goal in your business life, your personal relationship or your own personal growth, here are some guidelines to get you on your way.

Greatness is possible! You can achieve the goals you set for yourself and you can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those who live and work around you! So, set greatness as your goal!

Seven steps…

Identify greatness for YOU.

While there are some basic generalities most people would consider ‘great’, there are broader definitions, ones which each individual sets for him / herself. Helping humanity is a broad generality of greatness, but earning a big salary isn’t.

So what you need to do first is ask: “What does greatness look like for me, this organisation, or for my family?” From there you can develop values and a mission statement etc. If you don’t first identify greatness how can you recognise it? You need to see it to reach it. 

Maximise targeted end results.

As author Stephen Covey says, “Begin your planning with the end result in mind.” What end results do you want? Be specific. Note your targets. Leave no target unconsidered. Set out for yourself all the goals or end results you must hit in order to reach greatness.  

Tip: Write down your targets. Memorise them. Distribute them broadly (if you’re doing this for a group). Discuss them until everyone buys into the goals strategy. Maximise your targeted end results so the prize is worth the effort! 

What do great people endeavour to do consistently?

Usually it is to distinguish themselves from the average. They seek to rise above the rest by the quality of their product or service. Everything goes toward the goal of making themselves distinctly better than the run-of-the-mill players. That is their mission. It is the DOING that makes them great!

Map your effort thoroughly.

In order to reach your goal, the three most important words are: plan, plan, plan. Many people WISH they could achieve, yet never write down goals, or plan to get them. Execution and perseverance are needed too, of course. When I want to go on a long trip, I don’t just wish to get there –– I plan on how to get there. I get a map, I figure out distances, travel times etc. Map out your goal thoroughly. This action more than anything else will help you achieve greatness. 

Regularly take time for regeneration.

Achieving greatness is hard work! You’ll work harder, and take more bumps and setbacks than the rest. You will need to take time to regenerate yourself, so you can bounce back and fight another day. Your body needs rest. Your mind needs rest. Your emotions need rest. Your spirit needs rest. I firmly believe that a person who rests well can do more in less time than the person who works without setting aside time for regeneration. You may be able to reach goals without rest, but somewhere along the line, you will fall harder and stay down longer if you aren’t regularly regenerating yourself. 

Use a strict evaluation process.

Every plan and goal needs feedback from an evaluation tool. You need a strict process. This is how you objectively decide whether or not you are moving toward your goal. Or not. If you have the right evaluation tool, look at six months of your activities. If you aren’t hitting your goals, perhaps you need to change your approach. You may need to adjust your goals. This evaluation process is not to be underestimated! It’s really powerful.

Learn to party!

You mean play? Yes! What good is greatness if you can’t enjoy it? And not just the final destination but also the entire journey. Stop along the way and smell the roses. Celebrate every victory. This keeps your spirits high! Spend the money, buy the food and blow up the balloons – it’s time to celebrate!

By Chris Widener. Reproduced for Educational Purposes.