Hi I’m Charlotte, I’m 20 years old and just completed my diploma in life coaching, I absolutely loved it!

After I left school I went on ‘My Kitchen Rules’ the TV show as a contestant. It was the most eye-opening experience of my life, I truly learned so much and the journey was incredible! After this, I went to MIT and got my culinary arts diploma and became a qualified Chef.

I have a huge passion for healthy food and taking care of your physical & mental health. My ultimate vision is to help others become the best versions of themselves through taking care their mind, body and spirit, to then ultimately stepping into their unique life purpose and freeing themselves from anything that is stopping them from their dreams.   

My experience at NZIBS really exceeded my expectations. I learnt and discovered so much about myself. I was so inspired.  Thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of the course, it was easy to follow and challenged me in many ways. I got all I wanted/needed from the course plus more! It really helped me build my confidence up in my ability to make a change in this world and empower others to find and share their best self with others.