It is jest writing. Writing spontaneously without any formal structure in mind but without breaking any formal rule of writing as well. Be creative in writing as you would have been about your dressing, cooking, painting or any other thing.  Follow no format. Only do what makes you feel good. 

To explain with cooking, in preparing gravy stew, there is no rule that you start with onions, tomatoes or even the fish, start with any of the ingredients but make sure you use only what is edible and what is well cooked. And stick to combinations which do not produce toxic. That is creativity. You building what is in your dreams in reality without breaking the law.

In this regard be willing to make mistakes [as in all inventions] and be ready to correct same to the degree that does not take what is creative about your work away. 

Those who read your work must have an idea of how the writer looks like based on the way the words sound; melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine or choleric.  We should feel your mood by the way your words smile, frown, agitate or are indifferent.  

Our writing must represent us; our beliefs, hopes, and aspirations. They should be unique from others as possible.  Else writing is dead and hopelessly so. But writing as a living organism must come alive and it must represent the personality who created it. That is why it is not only wrong for everyone to follow a format but so wrong to impersonate another even in their writing.

When writing becomes creative, nobody gets tired of reading.  Who does not want a unique experience other than themselves and what they have? Who? Most people stopped reading because what they read is dead, have no life or light. This is so wrong and must be corrected.

Creativity in writing makes writing easy too if everyone can just write their feeling, write their nature and write their hopes. Since nothing is without these, and such come to us without a struggle, being yourself in writing will be fun and a form of relaxation especially so when you realize others love reading ‘the you‘ in your story. And if you write for a living you will merely be making money just being you.

Write your hopes, write your life, write your personality in every piece of writing even if it’s just a simple phrase or text message. Tell them this is you.

The world is not short of writers but rather imaginative writers; people who don’t pretend in their writing.  The world needs those who make a living from writing but especially those who live in their writing.

I am saying that let your writing resemble you. Then readers can fall in love with you. 

This understanding of creative writing is not in any textbook. I was creative about it. You can do the same with all your writing including your social media post, text messages, and office communications. May your writing tell people who you.