How tidy is your desk or workspace? How stressed do you feel right now? What do you use as a ‘stress-buster’?

Below are 7 steps to help you declutter your life, your thoughts and your desk and help you destress your day:

Create a better attitude

Often a negative attitude can be de-motivator, pulling us down and shifting us from being optimistic to feeling pessimistic about everything.

Organise your mind and tidy your desk

Before you even start your working day, think about decluttering how you’re thinking. Write your ‘to do’ list of doable daily tasks.

Show your gratitude

Take time out to think about how fortunate we are to have what we have, we often focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have – spend time being thankful.

Planning your day with work and breaks

We often pack too much for into a day not planning for breaks, a walk, eating away from our desk and often not having enough sleep, burning the candle at both ends – plan for rest and play as well as work.

Give yourself a reward

We default on chastising ourselves on what we haven’t done or didn’t do well enough, rather than praising or rewarding ourselves on what we did or did well – acknowledging our accomplishments enables us to feel good about our day.

Mind over matter

Focus on positive self-talk rather than negative talk, consider developing your own positive affirmations placing these in strategic places around your office and home – put reminders in your phone – remember, your sub-conscious takes up 95% of our thoughts.

Make it a laughing matter

Do something that gives you joy, makes you laugh and feel good, this may be music, a film, something that can help you relax, have fun and laugh – this enables you to distance yourself from any negativity in your life.

Following these 7 steps can help you declutter and destress your mind and body.

We need to focus on ourselves first before we can help others.