As Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

When people believe they can succeed they will somehow find their way through any obstacle or barrier whatever that may be. For those that don’t, they will potentially generate a self-fulfilling prophecy of failing or feeling they have failed. This is when excuses are used, or the blaming of others for failing. Not taking responsibility for or ownership of your own actions.

Believing that you can succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles. If you don’t, you’ll just find excuses. If you don’t believe in yourself, then the likelihood is you won’t take risks. If you do believe in yourself, you will feel more able to take those risks and feel more confident in doing so. You must believe in yourself first before you can take a risk, remembering you will never realise the outcome of your efforts unless you do it.

You must never regret trying or failing. If you believe you won’t regret having failed then that is the first step, because what is the alternative? The alternative is regretting not trying at all, and surely this is worse?

Believing in yourself and giving yourself permission to take a risk and go for it means you must consider the options you have ahead of you and decide which one to take. To do this, you need a vision, a desire, deciding what you want and how you are going to get it. Believing you will realise that vision, fulfil that desire and achieve that goal.

Being clear where you are going and having a clear vision of what you want will enable you to get what you want, keeping your eye on the road, so you don’t stray in the wrong direction. Keeping a clear vision will enable you to reach your destination quicker.

You might want to ask yourself the following questions?

  1. Do you believe in yourself or not?
  2. Are you afraid of taking risks and why?
  3. Do you have a vision and are you following it, or do you not have a vision and if not why?