I’ve discovered a new zest for LIFE since I retired from being Principal at the Institute.

Firstly, I don’t have to worry every night about who is doing what. Or not doing. Dr Liza does all that now and, from what I see, so much better than I ever did. Lucky students. 

Carol and I moved from Auckland to Picton two years ago. Good move. No traffic. No parking meters. No traffic lights. Just 4000 lovely people. Lots of cruise ship visitors. Smoked salmon. Marlborough wines. Sunshine. What’s not to like?

A brand new Picton library and the helpful people there are willing to buy all the new books I ask for. I just point to the reviews in Listener and – presto – there they are!

I organised a name badge for myself which I wear in public. It helps when I meet new people. (I recommend you get one for yourself.)

So it was a pleasant surprise when ‘Writing Stories for Children’ graduate Virginia Larsen greeted me by name in the new Christchurch library. Her studentship must have been ten years ago so we had an enjoyable chat about her writing achievements. 

Then former ‘Student Advisory Officer’ Nick Lindo greeted me in the same library. It’s a wonderful place for meeting literati people.

Outside the library I climbed back on my Lime green electric scooter and continued my sightseeing tour of the city. (I’m an electric scooter fan.)

So much is new and exciting – like the new Christchurch Town Hall with its concert chamber and restored Reiger organ. Wonderful acoustics.

Seeing the Margaret Mahy children’s playground reminded me to congratulate Janice Marriott on being awarded the Margaret Mahy medal for her many contributions to children’s literature. Well deserved.

Having a Seniors travel card I enjoy free bus train ferry *travel and I make the most of it. Sumner, Lyttleton, Rangiora etc are all within my ken while I visit Christchurch.

Last week a quick ferry ride from Picton to Wellington meant I could see the Chinese Buried Warriors at Te Papa museum. (Because I could, that’s why.) Very impressive.

I’ve also refreshed my interest in Toastmasters public speaking with my new club in Blenheim. I enjoy being mentor to the new members and helping them overcome their nervousness. It’s a step sideways from what I did at the Institute. 

I’m still searching for the elusive 25th hour in each day. Then I’ll be able to add more ebooks to my list of 44 at Amazon. All at $1 makes buying easy. You should try it. 

* Cook Strait ferry is not free – yet.

Brian Morris

Brian Morris

Principal Emeritus

Brian Morris was the founding principal of NZIBS and has been a professional writer for 50 years. His first effort at age 7 (in pencil) was rejected by Reader’s Digest. Since then he has focused on writing non-fiction ebooks.

See Brian’s Amazon profile for his extensive list of publications. According to Brian …

My aim is to produce a new ebook every two weeks. My other aim is to show as many people as will listen how to write their own ebooks. That means giving talks to writers groups, ‘How-To’ workshops and NZIBS writing courses. I know the topics of my next 40 ebooks, but there are only 25 hours in a day.