My name is Trishee Taylor and I am the creator of Elevate Next Level #BOOM. 

I was truly blessed to have completed the Life Coaching course through the NZIBS. It was such an awakening and joyful experience that truly unleashed more superpowers and creativity within me. I recommend this course with my hand on my heart as the experience was PRICELESS. 

The thought processes and underlining need for a shot of reality is always a truly magical moment, and I am forever looking for that horizon. I would like to bring forth the soul that has lived inside a box and finally has been set free … how beautiful is that! 

Currently, I am spending a lot of my time showcasing how amazing it is to truly live YOU! My social media platform allows me to open hearts and minds to the belief it is OK to be YOU. The fears and anxieties restrict so many from living a life of happiness and pure joy and hinder the right to express themselves. 

The future for me is pretty in pink! I have so many avenues that have opened up, I want to become a marriage celebrant to enable love to be share through words. The presence of beings and expression of true love make my heart happy.

Kindness lives in all of us and a simple conversation can change lives. All I can say is “welcome to the world of elevating” YOUR life to the next level. #BOOM

– Patricia Jane Taylor

Graduate of Life Coaching course.