How to Get Your Kids to Play Outdoors: 17 Fun ways to get your kids outside into the sunshine

Parents, grandparents and teachers know the health benefits when children are outdoors. Sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air, exercise, and the mental exhilaration of DISCOVERY.  Healthy play outdoors, for boys and girls of all ages, city, suburban or country. Most activities have no cost. Find more…

Morris Family Heritage: Trace Your Family in History – from Vikings to 1066 to MG cars

This book traces our family’s history – from Vikings to the Battle of Hastings 1066 to Morris Minor cars. It’s good to know our family’s champions, heroes and rogues. Read on to discover some of the famous people who share our family name. Some you will celebrate. Others are the family’s ‘black sheep’. It’s good to know which is which! If you decide to delve deeper into our family’s history, this book is a great place to start. When you’ve finished, I’ve found dozens of live Internet links for you to follow.  Our family lineage begins with the Vikings. Erik the Red* was our family’s Viking founder. The Vikings’ vast ocean voyages of discovery included North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Find more…


Brian Morris

Brian Morris

Principal Emeritus, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

Brian Morris was the founding principal of NZIBS and has been a professional writer for 50 years. His first effort at age 7 (in pencil) was rejected by Reader’s Digest. Since then he has focused on writing non-fiction ebooks. Click here for Brian’s profile.

My aim is to produce a new ebook every two weeks. My other aim is to show as many people as will listen how to write their own ebooks. That means giving talks to writers groups, ‘How-To’ workshops and NZIBS writing courses. I know the topics of my next 40 ebooks, but there are only 25 hours in a day.

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