Throughout your studies with us and following graduation you will achieve success, great or small. Every success, no matter how minor it may seem, needs to be celebrated. So we encourage our students to “blow your own trumpet!”.

We are excited to share Nigel Blakie’s achievement:

Some time ago I self-published two of my children stories: Waldo Rescues Gerald and Waldo and the Sea Monster. I have sold a number and gifted many more. They have just been ‘picked up’ by an organisation, Bedtime FM that narrates children’s stories on a podcast.

My stories are due to be narrated in September/October. I originally made the stories up for my 5-year-old son. I would be away from home on helicopter work for up to a week at a time. I would tell him these stories as I missed him a lot. I taped them, then wrote them down, so that he could read them and hear my voice while I was away. They are helicopter rescue type stories. He is now in his forties and has 4 children. They enjoy my stories as well.