What state of mind do you have? Do you create your state of mind or does it create you? What is a state of mind? Some may call it or refer to it as a mindset. Some say that we are born with a state of mind defaulted as positive or negative, whilst others may say it’s based on experience, or what we are taught. Either way, a state of mind is something we can change to suit our needs and situations.This can be done by using the power of our mind to focus on our options or imagining what others whom we look up to and aspire to might do in those situations.

Firstly, let’s look at choices. Some may feel there aren’t any choices particularly if the event is traumatic leaving us with a ‘bad taste in our mouths’. However, we do have choices, even though they are hard to see or difficult to find. They are there if we look hard enough. Focusing on these choices and writing them down can be helpful as this helps things to be put into perspective, as does telling someone else. When we say what has happened the mere act of doing this can help us realise it may not be as bad as we first felt or thought.

Secondly, we can think about what our mentors, coaches, or tutors might do or have done if this had happened to them. This exercise can be particularly useful as it helps us think about the event or incident more objectively giving us the ability to think more clearly about the situation and the way forward. Whichever of the two options you may choose if, as and when something happens in the future, you can decide that you will have a positive mindset and create a picture in your mind of which path you want to take or action you want to make. Whether you believe you can or can’t create your own mindset, you can still create a better state of mind in determining how you will use experiences in your life to move forward positively.