There is a difference between business coaching and life coaching, however, it is difficult to separate these when working with clients as we all have personal and professional lives. As a business coach, one would need to consider what areas prospective clients might need help and support in. Having a degree of business acumen and life coach training enables a coach to provide that objective unbiased support and advise to enable the client to achieve their goals.

There are a plethora of coaches around, often making it tough for business owners wanting to seek out the right business coach for them. Business Coaches often specialise in specific areas e.g. strategic, financial, intuitive and many more, and so the onus is as much on the business coach to be clear about where they ‘sit’ in the market and how they might be able to help a business owner.

We might ask ourselves what does business coaching involve and what are the benefits? Business owners set themselves up in business for a variety of reasons, often most are unhappy in the workplace and want to ‘be their own boss’ or have the flexibility of their own working hours, etc. Either way helping or supporting a business owner is going to be different for everyone as their knowledge, skills, experience, confidence levels, self-belief is going to be varied.

Business Coaching is about working on those gaps. Identifying where the gaps are and assisting the client close the gap. This might be done in different ways, for example, the Business Coach may have a programme or formula they use which has been tried and tested to work for and with all clients. Others might work in blocks of time to assist the client to solve their problem or complete a particular project for them.

Either way, the benefits are going to be huge. The client is going to have their problem solved. The aim is they are going to come away equipped with more information, knowledge, and understanding of their situation and how they might manage to attain their goals. It’s about empowering clients to ‘go it alone’, being an enabler rather than creating dependency.