As a business owner we need to be the one who keeps things together, remains consistent with our team or peers and our colleagues. However, it is also a very lonely and lonesome time requiring us to use every ounce of our strength to keep motivated and strong as much as we can, even when we can’t be bothered or really don’t want to.

Trying to be confident, remaining calm and appearing capable takes endurance and stamina. How do we do this?

  1. Focus only on what’s real – Facts, not fiction. Being mindful of assumptions, ensuring we have interpreted what’s been said or what’s happened correctly, and acting in an appropriate way to work towards the best outcome possible.
  2. Be an optimist more than a pessimist – There is a tendency to default onto negative thoughts or views rather than evaluating a situation thoroughly by weighing up the pros and cons. It is important to be conscious that we aren’t being totally led by our emotions.
  3. Limiting beliefs and overcoming self-doubt – When we are struggling to work through challenges we have the additional obstacles of our limiting beliefs and self-doubts. It is hard work trying to push through to focus on the here and now and not the past as well as dealing with us not truly believing in ourselves. We need to push through and believe we can do it!
  4. Seeing challenges curiously – We can see challenges as great problems to be solved and investigating different options. We can treat them as fun to look at new and creative ways of problem-solving.

We can be confident, calm and capable – we just need to believe we can!