“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


We have likely had great intentions in our lives, and are likely to be the owner of a ‘round tuit’!

What stops us from going from intention to action?

Procrastination is likely one reason, where we often say ‘Manana’, Spanish for tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.  We justify this by making excuses, because of this or that, of course, it’s never our fault but the cause of another or something. Burying our heads in the sand is never the answer as we will never achieve.

Our conscious level reassures us it’s okay because we intended to do ‘it’, so that’s okay! 

Is it? Is it good enough that we intended to do something and didn’t do it? We should think about what lies behind the good intentions and lack of action, and we should think about the gap between intention and action, and really think about what it is that stops us from taking that action.

Intention vs Action- NZIBS

 If we were to look back in our lives and think about those times when we intended to do something and didn’t, we would find a pattern. 

A great exercise for you to do might be to think about how often you didn’t’ achieve or finish things. Think about the reason why you didn’t, what prevented you from doing this.   

Intention vs Action- NZIBS

For most of us it’s pure avoidance for whatever reason, and if we take ‘time out’ and think about what that might be and tackle this head on then perhaps we might be able to break the pattern and become more action orientated in the future. A challenge or tip you might want to take away, is to think about what has stopped you from taking that action in the past; how many times you’ve intended to do something and not done it.  You need to be honest with yourself and delve into your subconscious to find the real reason.

Face the blockages or perceived obstacles and possible ‘self-sabotage’ and set goals to change intention to action today