You may have seen these three words used online and in quotes, but they are great words that somehow seem to stick in our minds. Of course, alliteration helps us remember words like these anyway, but the three words here do have great significance when we are trying to grow personally or professionally.

One could use these as stepping-stones, steps, or a process to overcome obstacles in our minds, which are usually created by us rather than someone or something else.


The meaning of this word is relaxed and peaceful. When we are in this state or frame of mind, we are more open and receptive to learn, be open to new ideas and less resistant to challenges that may be ahead of us to commence a task or activity. This may be starting a new course, job or project, whatever it is, trying to place ourselves into a calm state is a great place to begin.


The meaning of this word is convinced, sure and assured. When we are convinced about something, we are persuaded we are right, we feel sure we can do the task ahead. When we feel confident, we feel able to assure and reassure ourselves that we are more than qualified, experienced and capable to do what we are setting out to do. We are in the right frame of mind, feeling positive and ready for action.


The meaning of the word capable is qualified, confident and accomplished. Believe it or not, we can achieve what we want, it’s only our minds and our mindset that restrict us and push us into the negative mentality. We only become qualified when we practice and learn by making mistakes. Only then do we gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities to feel that we can accomplish the task.

Only believing others have a gift or talent we don’t have is an assumption or perception and not fact. We can do whatever we set ourselves, we just need to focus on the job in hand and imagine ourselves having accomplished it.