This year that turned a new page in my professional life. Since I completed my life coaching training program with NZIBS, I have chosen to focus on mindset coaching, and started practising straight away. I had never felt this much in my own element in any of my previous work scenario.

Going through the ebb and flow of life made me realize that our mind serves as the foundation of every single choice and decision we make, which in turn shapes our reality. Instead of drifting through this journey of life by default, many may not realize that we can take over control and switch it to the design mode – through consciousness building and mindset shift.

With the people I have worked with so far, I have received many positive feedback. Here’s some testimonials:

After coaching, I feel more bold in going after the things I want. I’m more aware of what’s in my control and how I’ve held myself back in the past, just by being afraid…I also think I’m more aware of my limiting beliefs and how they have gotten in the way of my career satisfaction. I think I feel more positive now and feel like anything is possible.”

– Emily from Wellington.

Hui is very patient and calm. I had very good experience during our sessions. She helps me see a new perspective. She made me aware and gain power over my own emotions no matter what was the circumstances.

– Lin from Malaysia.

Thanks to NZIBS’ life coaching training and my own curiosity of diving deep into the subject, I have gained much confidence on my own coaching ability through continuous learning and practising. As a mindset life coach, I am in a position where I have the awareness and capability to make some positive changes in people’s lives. It is a divine job, and I am glad I have landed here.

Let’s keep in touch, you can find me at my Facebook account: @yinhuishu


Graduate of the Life Coaching course.

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