For a long time, I felt like my life was going well, but something was missing in it; my lifeboat was sailing in smooth waters, but I didn’t have much control over the course it was on. I could not tell you what the missing pieces were and how to steer my boat, the lack of control was very unfulfilling.

Things changed when l lost my job due to Covid and I was forced to reflect and think outside the box. I took a few months to breathe, to reconnect, to become present and to dig deep.

My own journey of personal growth, which started when I was a young teen but has been amplified in the last couple of years and the regaining of control has brought me on the path to helping others go through that transformation.

I graduated as a Life Coach with Excellence from NZIBS and am so glad I did the course. The flexibility allowed me to work, be a mum and renovate the house at the same time; I am excited to be on this new chapter in my life, launching my own business and to help others is deeply meaningful and fulfilling to me, I truly love what I do for a living now.

The course was very valuable to me on more than just the aspect of gaining a qualification, the self-coaching elements of the course helped me on my personal development journey, some of the things I discovered about myself will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Our lives are so hectic, so time – and deadline focused, so focused on what other people expect from us, that sometimes we don’t even take a moment to listen to our heart, to really follow our dreams, to connect with our surroundings, to make peace with ourselves; I want to help you stop, breathe, reflect, refocus, grow wings and fly.

Let me give you the space and guidance to help you shape the life you truly want and deserve. Please visit my website  ( or contact me at [email protected].

Much Love

Marisa Gundermann-Lunai

Graduate of the Life Coaching course.

Do you like guiding people?

Do you have life experience? Are you a good communicator? Use your skills and experiences to become a paid professional, and the real satisfaction comes from helping people.