The Australian Reserve Bank is facing awkward questions after an embarrassing mistake on their new $50 note. On Thursday morning, an eagle-eyed Australian sent Triple M’s Melbourne radio show a photo of the note, highlighting an awkward typo. The note features excerpts from social reformer Edith Cowan’s maiden speech to the Western Australian Parliament. Cowan was the first woman to be elected to an Australian parliament.

“It is a great responsibilty,” the note reads, with an ‘i’ missing from responsibility. The word has been misspelled all three times it appears on the note. Australian media outlets confirmed the mistake and called on the Reserve Bank to explain. Reserve Bank told Yahoo Finance that it was aware of the mistake and would fix the spelling on the next printing of notes.

But the mistake is not that easy to remedy, as reports suggest 46 million of the typo-laden banknotes were printed. The new $50 notes were put into circulation on October 18 last year.