We know without a doubt that poor decision-making or lack of decision-making will stunt our growth. It’s said that failure is partly due to failing to make a decision. Every day we’re faced with choices where decisions need to be made, the proverbial forks in the road. We know there are several courses of action to take. When we are faced with choices, rather than make a decision and taking a path, we end up making no decision at all, remaining stagnant. These forks in the road, are potential choices, or courses of action requiring us to make a decision.

How do we know which path is the right path?

If we think about every decision we make ensuring it’s an informed decision, then the only and correct decision will be the right path. Sometimes, when we’re too close to a situation, we can’t ‘see the wood for the trees’, things are not blatantly obvious to us. We need to find the right balance, think carefully about which decision to make and move forward.

What if we take the wrong path?

One could argue the wrong path is covered with barriers, obstacles and speed-bumps to challenge us. This is where we need to listen to our instincts, just as if we were walking down a ‘proper’ path, if it feels wrong, we should turn back before we go too far.

What do we do if there seems to be more than one ‘right’ path?

We can be faced with many options and we know we need to choose which one, but if we are faced with a couple of options where it’s difficult to choose from – then what do we do? Remember, doing nothing isn’t an option! We need to write down the pros and cons of both path choices, choose one and stick with it. 

Taking no path and remaining at the crossroads won’t get us anywhere. We need to move forward to grow, remembering that even if we do choose the wrong path, even for a bit, we learn from our experiences and grow from our failures. Don’t freeze with indecision, choose a path and go with your gut; not deciding which path is not a good decision.