Do you feel you have power over what you are doing right now? 
Do you feel empowered?

Did you know there was ‘power’ in ‘empowerment’? Let’s look at what the differences are in the words.

Power means: Control – influence – authority – supremacy – rule
Empower means: Authorisation – enabling – power – permission

We can want to have control over our lives and have an influence over what we do and perhaps that of others. Having authority and being someone in authority gives us more control and therefore a feeling of power and feeling powerful. 

Fitting all of this into being an enabler, where we are helping people, giving ourselves permission to be in control and having power over what we do. 

Power IS in empowerment. We can ALL feel empowered and have power over what we do, however, we need to feel empowered to feel we do have power don’t we?

How might we do this?

It will come as no surprise that this starts with us. We need to be open to possibilities, this is your life and you can do with it what you want, and so you have to focus on you first before you can focus on others. It’s like fitting your own oxygen mask before that of your child, helping yourself before you can help others. To do this you need to trust and have trust in yourself.

Self-belief is so important for us to believe we can do things, embrace what you do or about to do, only focusing on the positive and enjoy what you do or about to do. Accept that you may make mistakes, you aren’t perfect and there will be imperfect moments where you might mess up, but so what, we are only human after all!

You can have the power, you just need to be empowered to do so – today is the day for you to trust yourself and hold yourself in high esteem and run your own race.