I’m sure we’ve all had someone, usually a parent who says to us “don’t worry” – “it may never happen”. If it was as simple as that, no-one would worry, we would have an on / off switch and use it, wouldn’t we? As the saying goes: “Nothing is permanent, don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is, it will change”.

Change is constant, and never more so that today. Despite this fast-moving environment we live in, we often hate change, feel safe standing still or if we don’t like where we are we feel we may never get out of ‘that’ place!

Whilst we may know that nothing is forever, often when we are in a bad or not so great situation, we feel it is permanent! That’s when the worry begins and won’t let go. It becomes our constant, our daily reminder of the fact we are where we don’t want to be.

Having strategies helps! Here are some steps to consider.

  1. The most obvious is identifying if the worry is something you can or can’t change; if it is, then what might your steps be to change things; if it isn’t then work on acceptance.
  2. Try putting things into context; often when we worry things seem larger than they really are; tell someone about it, hear what you are saying, or write it down, often seeing it helps put the worry into perspective.
  3. Have a back-up plan, or a Plan B; what are the other options? It may not feel like there are any other options, but there is ‘always a way’; this is a time to be creative and think outside the square.
  4. If you have never tried positive affirmations, now might be the time to consider these; either Google them to find one that fits or write your own one. Put it up somewhere where you can see it or add a reminder in your phone so it’s a constant during the day.

Remember, “the harsh truth is that nothing lasts forever, so when you have it enjoy it, appreciate it, don’t take it for granted”.