Many of us spend our lives trying to figure out what our calling is. What it is we need to study in college and specialize in so that we can pursue the career of our dreams. And sometimes, we don’t get it right. If you’ve been in and out of jobs for a considerable amount of time and something just doesn’t feel right, it only makes sense to tap into what makes you happy, or rather, if the prospect of helping others makes you happy.

If this is the case, you might want to consider looking into a career in life coaching. But how does one know whether this is the right path to take or not? Read on to understand a little bit more about this wonderful life-changing option.

You Want to Give Back

It is often the case that we end up in jobs that are unfulfilling. We see the world falling apart around us, and the sense of helplessness can be extremely destructive. When you enter the workforce, you go in doe-eyed and anticipate great and wonderful things to happen, and that you can finally contribute to society and leave your mark in a big and effective way. While this is the case at times, more often than not- it really isn’t. You find yourself caught up in a 9 to 5 that slowly starts to suck the life out of you, and you don’t really know what your purpose is in the grand scheme of things.

When you take on life coaching, you know that the premise of this job is to take what you know and all your experiences, skills and talents, and utilize them to better the lives of others. Giving back not only allows you to help many people get their lives on track, but it will provide you with an overwhelming sense of achievement, and you really will be making a difference in the world, one life at a time.

You’re Willing to Expand Your Scope

There are people that are content with finding a space in their lives – whether it be at their job or at home – and then they just want to not budge from there. The prospect of change bothers them very much. And that’s totally fine! But if you’re like that, then perhaps life coaching is not for you. In order to become a life coach, you need to have the ability to expand your scope, learn more, and move around to make connections with people. You need to ensure that you are constantly taking courses and attending seminars so that you can strengthen your skills.  The key is to never stop learning because life changes at every turn, and you have to understand why and how in order to be able to help others.

Take Control of Your Career

If you’ve always dreamt of having control of your career and being your own boss, then there’s really nothing more liberating than having your own business. Becoming a life coach gives you the opportunity to explore the world of running your own show. You can start off by exploring your options in terms of marketing and understand the pool of life coaching in detail. Understand what people’s struggles are and reach out to people, send them questionnaires, and find out more about what people need. By doing so, you are on your way to expanding your business as a life coach because after all, you are in the business of people, literally! You get to shape your own reputation and image, and you decide what happens when.

This is a job that really allows you to become a well-functioning member of society. You will really be changing the world one life at a time by becoming a life coach. It is by no means an easy challenge, but a fulfilling one nonetheless. People are becoming more and more disconnected in the age of technology, and it is essential that people like you make an effort to reach out and remind everyone of the value of human contact, connection, and vulnerability. This is certainly the career path for you if the points mentioned above ring true in your mind. All it takes is one brave step to do the right thing and you’re well on your way to changing lives – most of all, your own.

Source: LA Progressive. Reproduced for educational purposes.