We all have opinions we want to tell the world about. Getting your ideas published isn’t easy, but your chances improve when you follow normal journalism techniques and rules. Here are the essential steps.

WritING an Op-Ed Article

  1. Follow the news so you can respond quickly with your ideas – in support or contrary. Timing is essential.
  2. Limit your article to 750 words. Shorter is even better. Check the op-ed length in your target newspaper and match the length.
  3. Use short sentences and short paragraphs.
  4. Make a single point. Don’t try to cover everything.
  5. Put your main point in the opening paragraph. Then develop it.
  6. Tell readers why they should care.
  7. Offer your specific recommendations.
  8. Your final paragraph should summarise your main point.


Principal Emeritus, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

Brian Morris was the founding principal of NZIBS and has been a professional writer for 50 years. His first effort at age 7 (in pencil) was rejected by Reader’s Digest. Since then he has focused on writing non-fiction ebooks.

See Brian’s Amazon profile for his extensive list of publications. According to Brian …

My aim is to produce a new ebook every two weeks. My other aim is to show as many people as will listen to how to write their own ebooks. That means giving talks to writers groups, ‘How-To’ workshops and NZIBS writing courses. I know the topics of my next 40 ebooks, but there are only 25 hours in a day.