Gaining new qualifications and learning new skills is essential for better work options. I recall moments during the proofreading and editing course wondering if I would make it through – so I would revisit my goal of wanting to be a CV Writer. I encourage anyone struggling with their studies, allow yourself to have some doubts, then keep going; you will get through these blockages. Achieving a new qualification is exceedingly rewarding.

I graduated with a diploma in proofreading and editing in May 2016. It was an exciting accomplishment. New knowledge from the course prompted the impetus of opening my own business. After qualifying, I planned extensively on establishing my business and how it would operate.

Progressive developments and evolving writing is a big part of my role as a sole trader in CV Writing. I love the work and the enjoyment I feel when doing it. 

It gives me great satisfaction when my customers gain confidence to transition into a career or promoted to new roles. I am jubilant with improved outcomes for my customers when I receive feedback from them: This is a highlight – to help my customers make an essential job change or be more noticeable for promotion in their current company.

There are several aspects to manage when you are working as a sole trader. A vital part an attractive website. My website was upgraded and is user-friendly, and has vastly improved the referral process. The website upgrade was a logistical change from the original: I am now more knowledgeable about customer service. The first point of contact with a potential new customer is critical. My online service request section captures all the essential details and makes the process more efficient. I keep my customers well informed throughout the writing process by email and phone. 

Two years later, there are efficiencies gained on completion of jobs. Different intricacies emerge: A regular flow of CV requests can occur, then a lull, followed by multiple referrals on any given day. Each CV request varies from life and work experiences. Customers trust me to work from their existing CV to produce an immaculately formatted customised CV. I have the expertise to use the vocabulary of our modern job market with the relevant details. I often advise my customers the rationale of the changes made to their CV, and then the final CV that I have produced is accepted. I have some customers return for additional work, indicating that excellent customer relationships are in place.

I have an accountant that prepares my tax returns, which adds support to my business. I highly recommend this to anyone in a sole trade position. It has helped me deal with taxation issues; an accountant knows all about taxes and can give you financial advice for your business. Annually, I send all of my prepared financials to my accountant for each tax return. Once the accountant has completed the tax return, we have a meeting. The accountant will have a financial report on my business and advise if there is a tax payment or rebate. During the discussion, I will present my business plan.

Professional development and online research is another import aspect of my business. I completed résumé studies and passed an exam to become a Certified Professional Résumé Writer in January 2021. This qualification with the proofreading and editing skills are very complimentary for a CV Writing business. 

I continue to feel excited about my future as a CV Writer. I enjoy working with my customers and making them feel better about applying for work by the CVs I have written. I am looking forward to doing this work for the rest of my career. I am happy to help, and if you would like to know more, please contact me by email at [email protected]. If you or anyone you know need an updated or a new CV, please send the request to my website


Certified Professional Résumé Writer. Graduate of the Proofreading & Editing course.

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