My name is Kelz, I am a solo mother of two daughters age 19 and 11 years old. From a young age I have wanted to work with animals as a vet nurse but due to un-foreseen circumstances this is unable to happen. Lucky for me I have always been creative and always like taking photos of my children, adventures and my animals.  

Living in a small town my employment opportunities are very limited, when I left school I had no qualifications even though I had part time work at a cattery and kennel and helped out at the SPCA.

I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere and that was when I desired to go back to study in 2018 at UCOL (university college of learning) and got my NZ certificate in animal care level 3. I was sitting at home when I come across an advert for a photography course with NZIBS I decided to look into it and ended up signing up. 

I got my first few assignments which seemed easy, but it soon got harder and took me out of my comfort zone, but with the help, support and guidance  of my tutor Chas my skill and confidence grew rapidly.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Logan, Ralph, friends, my youngest daughter Kasey  and my community for their love and support.

Thanks to my support crew I am now more confident than ever in myself to start my own business in animals/pets and portraits photography (K&K pets and portraits photography).

Finally a big thanks to rest of the staff at NZIBS for there work behind the scenes and the support offered throughout the course that I am happy to recommend to all.