Creative writing is any type of writing used to reveal to the reader the writers’ minds, thoughts, and ideas. It is the only form of writing where the authors can write about their lifestyle and surroundings. By creating such type of paper, the writers can express their feelings as an exciting story.

Through creative writing, the author describes the events of their life, and this composition is considered to be a piece of literature. There are different genres of creative writing:

• fiction
• poetry
• nonfiction

Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing gives the writers the freedom to reveal what is in their minds without reference to other people’s work. The main purpose of this kind of essay is to educate, entertain, provide the information, or just express the writer’s thoughts. There are two possible types of creative writing: effective and ineffective. The excellent and effective piece perfectly provides the information intended to the audience.

Signs of a Good Creative Writing

The writer should ensure that their creative writing is good and effective in delivering the idea to the readers. Good creative writing should reach the audience and interest them to keep on reading the piece to get an exciting story. In order to create impressive creative writing, the paper writer needs to observe the following factors.


The writer should avoid getting facts wrong and misinterpreting the idea in their work. When the writers are creating their story, they should make sure that what they are writing about is close to the truth or believable. To ensure it, the authors should develop the writing content by researching.

Author Should Provoke Emotionally

Provocation is the most effective way to inspire readers. The writer should ensure the delivery of their idea in the piece is not boring. It can be done by developing a situation or feeling within the writing that would trigger emotion in the audience. The essay should establish a connection with the audience and generate strong feelings.

Structure, Grammar, and Formatting

A good paper should have a proper structure, which will enable people to understand the massage. The formatting of the paper is important in ensuring that the article is consistent and clear. The writer should understand how to avoid grammatical errors and fix them. Perfect grammar enables the audience to consider the paper as a credible one. Structure, grammar, and formatting should ensure the confident presentation of the paper to the audience.

Language and Choice of Words

The language used within the creative writing is essential while providing the information to the readers. The writer should choose precise and accurate words in well-crafted sentences. After completing writing the work, a creative writer should go through their work to check the content, correct grammatical and lexical errors, and see what they have omitted and what else can make the story more engaging.

Individual Style

It is what will make the work different or unique from others. The individual style in the work helps the writer to formulate ideas, depict the scenes and images in the paper uniquely. The writer’s manner should be consistent and identifiable across the piece.

Idea and Theme

When the writers compose a story or a poem about some situation or experience in life, then they should convert the idea into something exciting and compelling. The theme should be explained by the story or be part of it.


A well-organized paper should be presented in a logical flow. The ideas in the writing should be well-organized. Besides the research of the topic to write about, authors should brainstorm so that they can organize their thoughts. In a well-organized paper, the first idea should introduce the second and so on. Thus, the audience will follow the reading with pleasure, and the piece will be interesting.

Clarity and Focus

Well-crafted creative writing should stick to the plot. The writer should ensure that the reader doesn’t find the piece confusing. The author should ensure that they do not lose the theme by paying attention to other details.

All in all, the writer of the paper should make their essay interesting so that the audience would like to read it to the end. An exciting creative work will keep the audience, and it will reveal the writer’s thoughts and emotions entirely. The author should use the above tips to make their article attention-grabbing. Effective creative work is one that is unique and attractive to the readers.

Source: Bulawayo 24 News. Reproduced for educational purposes.