Once we’ve made the decision to set up our own business, we need to be aware of all the other things we need to do to be successful.

Not only is it important to undergo training or a course to gain a qualification and have more knowledge of the theory, but we also need to work out the other aspects of setting up in business. These may include things like marketing, setting up payment systems or developing a website. All are needed for any business to be successful, however, without the financial resources or knowledge of where to go it makes the task that much harder.

What steps might we take to enable us to find who we need and get advice on what we need?

One of the best ways to do this is to research what networking groups there are locally. Deciding which one will benefit us the most might be who is in the group, or what the benefits specifically are that particular networking group offers.

As a new business owner building a new network in the business owner arena is important as this provides a wonderful support network as well as a pool of people who are all experts in their field. Getting to know people and small businesses in networking groups can provide us with many helpful resources and information that we can take away and digest before deciding on which avenue to take.