Seems fake news is not a new phenomenon. Candidates Thomas Jefferson and John Adams spread wild rumours about each other prior to the 1800 US presidential election. So today’s rash of fake news, stories with spin, and salacious innuendos are just more of the same.

There are helpful websites where you can check the authenticity of a found story. is a reliable checker site. You’ll be amazed what their fact checkers have discovered about stories we all thought were true. is a checker site which concentrates on US politics. They’re kept busy. is another reliable checker site which focuses on US politics.

Today there are over a hundred independent fact-checking organisations in 50 countries. Search for phrases in “quote marks”, such as “alternate facts”, “urban legends”, “rumors/rumours about XYZ” and you’ll find heaps of information, much with questionable provenance.

But remember, nothing we do is without some bias. Cropping a photo means removing something. What you remove may influence the credibility of the photo. Even enhancing the blueness of the sky is giving an added spin. Editing an over-length article means cutting something out. This task must be handled with care and fairness. When sub-editors write a headline they can give a spin, whether intentionally or not. Today the biblical story of Jesus Christ walking on water could have the headline “Their Leader Can’t Swim”. Now that’s blatant bias.



Principal Emeritus, New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

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