Just over twelve months ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to enrol in the Proofreading and Editing course with the NZIBS.

At the time my job as a teacher aide had ended and I was looking for a change in direction as had been teacher aiding for ten plus years.  Literacy was always my strength as a teacher aide, and I loved teaching the littlies to read and write the alphabet.

I have always been an avid reader of all sorts of books, magazines and news articles of the fiction and non-fiction variety. One thing always bugged me and that was the amount of spelling mistakes I would come across, especially news articles.  I was always writing to the newspaper with my correction, even the book I am currently reading I found two words that were incorrect.

My journey with the NZIBS has challenged me in many ways and really opened my eyes to what true proofreading and editing is all about.  I have learned so much and my tutor Val was brilliant in the support and suggestions she gave to me.

There were times I doubted myself that I would complete the course as I struggled with how I was going to remember everything I had learned. This is because of the TBI I sustained 30 plus years ago when I was knocked of my pushbike on the way to work.  The support and my husband, family and friends gave me ensured that I did indeed complete the course.  I am very grateful to them all as I like to finish what I start.

I have proofread two family histories for friends so far and I found the experience rewarding. It is amazing what I notice now that I did not pick up before.

Glenis Youngman

Graduate of the Proofreading & Editing course.

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