I’m a technical person – and I was born in Germany. Great ingredients to go for an English Diploma in Proofreading & Editing …

I trained as a dental technician and after Germany changed their health laws and policies there was a mass of unemployed dental technicians – I was one of them. After that, I was working in electronics manufacturing for many years, before transferring into office related roles.

Since I was 14 years young I dreamed of living in New Zealand. Just after I turned 40 I got here. I learned how to become a “good kiwi” with a lot of highs and lows, but mainly highs, one of them becoming a New Zealand citizen; I found my home. After having lived and worked in Queenstown for a few years I moved to Bluff, not realising that the job market is quite different here from Queenstown or the rest of the country.

So I became a contractor: office administration, holiday park temporary admin manager, software co-developer, pharmacy assistant, accounting clerk, model, cleaner, proofreader, and website and software tester. In between, I studied environmental management, small business management and renewable technologies. I learned organic gardening, fruit tree grafting, and the principles of a food forest; and I started my own. I make beautiful chain maille jewellery and sell it. Whatever makes my heart sing, I do it.

What I liked most during this time was the editing and proofreading (there’s my German stubbornness) and everything environmental, and so it was only logical that I started with the course to gain the official recognition and have the chance to make some money out of my strength. I struggled a bit at the beginning, but my “kiwi softness” kicked in and I learned about the freedom of the author and that not everything is just black and white, and I really respect this now.

During my studies, one of my friends with her own business asked me to proofread her website and make suggestions for possible changes. She paid me for this and most of my suggestions were implemented.

So now I have finished the course with excellence, have all the technical skills I need to work as a freelancer in editing and proofreading, and I have a wide area of expertise. I learned how to set up my business, learned about the various marketing avenues – I am ready to go, in a discipline I love! Finally!

Thanks to the tutors for all their feedback and support.