I have been on a massive personal development journey for the past 6 or so years where I have delved into many concepts and areas of life. I have been interested in aspects of humanity and why we do what we do, and the deeper meaning of why we are here. 

I have enjoyed delving into spiritual concepts, psychology, neurology, epigenetics, down to our belief systems, as well as alchemical processes, philosophy, anthropology, applying growth methods and techniques as well as manifestation practices. It has been one very long road of initiations, tests and challenges. 

At the age of 27, I decided to undertake a Diploma in Life Coaching through the New Zealand Institute of Business to further my development and gain a qualification where I could really help people.

Being a Creation Coach taps into the ability to be creative and our ability to create anything we want. Underpinning this is a real sense of manifestation when it comes to the quantum field and tapping into deeper levels of consciousness and embodiment. It’s about creating what you want to see in your life by embodying the states of being. 

In bringing forth new life, we have to release old energies and old cycles as we begin new ways of doing things, as we bring forth new seeds and new ways of doing things. It’s not just about being a creative person but tapping into the part of you that is inherently creative. There is nothing outside of us that we need.

When it comes to self-sourcing and self-care and self-validating, we get into our wounding and the accumulation of shame from our lives, which comes back to our self-worth. We are only able to receive what we think we are worthy of receiving. You can try and create new beliefs or manifest things but you’ll never receive it if you don’t feel worthy of receiving it. The greatest wisdom from one of my mentors was that ‘this is relationship you have with you’ and once we get that right, everything flows.

You can absolutely have the life of your dreams, and you should, and you should be saying no to everything less than that. Part of the process is releasing and shedding. It’s never about the results you want to create, it’s about the way you want to feel. Results are a by-product, of you coming into alignment with who you are. 

The heart is where all of the magic happens. This place of shedding the old is reminding ourselves that it’s what the old versions of ourselves needed, wanted and manifested, and what is being created is what the new you is creating, needing and wanting. 

I’ve always been a little bit different. From a young age, I understood things about the world and had different ideas from people around me. I was drawn towards Tarot at the age of 22, propelling my journey into healing, reiki and things of spiritual nature. My relationship of five years ended and I found myself in a different space.

I was working in Local Government and spent many of my lunch breaks reading the Kybalion; Hermetic Philosophy about the Universal Laws. I decided to take my second trip overseas, visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, having some interesting experiences. At this point, I was interested in past life hypnosis, and a lot of Doloris Cannon’s work. I was beginning to feel the control I had around creating my reality. 

I was beginning to develop a strong intuition and foresight, and a real sense for energy. After my travels through USA, I began to write my first book; One Little Wise Kiwi, and finished my second, Blooming, after visiting New Caledonia. I purchased my first home at age 25, a little seaside shack in Riverton on the South Coast of New Zealand. I unfortunately had Glandular Fever after overexerting myself in my job, and decided to rent my home and buy a one way ticket to South America. 

I’ve been thrown pretty deeply into aspects of self-love and self-worth, and have begun to develop myself as a sovereign, self-sourcing, self-validating, self-governing person. I want every person to feel worthy, beautiful, like a powerful aspect of creation. I knew that Life Coaching was a path that I had to take, and I didn’t know why. But I realised that trust is a process that requires courage, and the process of trusting is a way of manifestation in itself. I have been continually following my heart and enjoying the signs and synchronicities. 

I’m an avid artist and I love to create murals and art. This creative aspect is a huge part of my life, and I hope to include this within my coaching. Although the experiences I have had have been largely spiritual in nature, I don’t really consider myself much of a spiritual person, or a spiritual coach. I’m very logical and direct and in my truth, and I believe there are many aspects to me, and to all of us. I’ve called my coaching business Steph Mac because I want to keep it real, genuine, and creative.

Stephanie MacDonald

Graduate of the Life Coaching course.

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